SinDenBush? Might As well

Oh we’ve all been there, the night started off quietly… A few drinks with the mates, nothing to crazy but before you know it you’ve made your way to Sin! A good idea right, you stroll in, you feel confident you can already hear the cheese music bouncing off the walls the time has come for the drink you need… no deserve… “Can I jagerbombs please?” oh yes, that sweet syrup as you knock back one after another.

The night proceeds, you’re now on the dance floor! Cutting all kinds of shapes to a song you strangely know not some but all the lyrics to and at this point you think to yourself, can the night get any better? Well my friends it can, it really really can. As the night goes on the amazing tunes go on one after another but before you know it its that time again, like Cinderella leaving her glass slipper you know the lights are about to go on, so you make your way back to the entrance for the next adventure, that’s right people its time for Bushwackers.

You hear someone scream, no, chant SinDenBush! That’s right, like an army of intoxicated individuals on the march to Bushwackers, It is as this point the most sober one of the group, checks their mates and tries to sober the most drunk one up… “Come on you need to get in… You can do this” The next adventure begins!

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